Outset Global, celebrating 10 years in business. It was this month 10 years ago that Outset was born. We started with nothing more than an idea: to create an independent, unconflicted buyside trading desk that could provide a top-tier trading service to equity asset managers of all kinds around the globe so they could spend more time on their investment process. That core belief has not changed to this day and yet we have grown in all facets of the business. While Outset initially started in London, we now also have primary offices in Hong Kong and New York, with a global headcount of 20. We are serviced by 350+ sell-side counterparts around the globe, providing superior liquidity access to all of our clients. It has always been our alignment to our clients that has driven our business, and we thank them for their ongoing partnership today.

In recent years the lines between a public and a private security have become blurred from our clients’ investment perspective and many now run hybrid or even have 100% focused Privates vehicles. At our partners’ requests we set up a specific trading unit for Privates. From a standing start in mid-2020, this complimentary business has become a significant part of our offering as we have developed a differentiated method in sourcing liquidity for our partners. We have been low-key in our presence in the marketplace as that is what our clients want from us.

Outsourcing one’s trading function (fully or partially) is now very much a mainstream idea for the equity investment community, but it comes in many different guises and the buyside need to do their work when choosing the best trading relationship. We are constantly asked what makes us unique. Easy answer, it’s our people…all day long. It’s them and our partners that we salute today on this 10th anniversary of this journey. You have made Outset what it is today and will continue to be the prime drivers of our business going forward.