What you get

Confidentiality, accountability and peace of mind.

Dedicated & exclusive

Since our inception we have partnered with over 175 clients across 60 countries and traded almost 10,000 stocks on 92 exchanges amounting to a notional value of over $600 bn. This deep experience and expertise brings world-class trading capabilities to every client. We know that out-sourcing can sometimes lead to inconsistency and confusion. Instead we offer a dedicated single point of contact as an extension of your own team. From major trades to minor orders our focus means that you can concentrate on what you do best, secure in the knowledge that your trades are in safe hands and your costs are clear and straight-forward.

Discreet & impartial

Through us you can access a universe of more than 300 brokers, market makers and trading platforms world wide. In a fragmented market place we offer a consistent flow of information and the important advantage of trading confidentially. Bank and broker neutral, we are always free to search for the best price for each trade.

Client focused & collaborative

Dedicated to trading, we never forget that it’s your business that makes ours a success and we never take our own positions in the market. With robust processes and state-of-the-art trading technology — our focus means you can rely on us to be your trusted guide in the constantly evolving regulatory landscape.